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Queuing for Regional Specialities

Queuing for Regional Specialties

Just a quick thought about queuing. Though we think of it as a particularly British thing I think we’ve done far more of it over here in the US. (Although we call it the ‘line’ over here rather than the ‘queue’.) It became a fashion not to take reservations at some particularly popular restaurants in DC – Rose’s Luxury is a major example of this with the line stretching down the street at pretty much any time of day. I am reliably told that this is worth it. Georgetown cupcakes also always have a line out the door, though I suspect you can probably get cupcakes pretty much as good at Baked and Wired (plus I like the name) or Hello Cupcake – if you like that kind of thing.

When travelling though, I’ve learnt that if we ever see a long line at a place that we’ve heard might be a good example of a regional cuisine, we should join it and wait – however long it takes. It’s always been absolutely worth our while. In Maine we queued for 45-55 minutes two nights in a row at a local lobster shack and it was incredibly good, as well as good value. We also arrived before Red’s Eats lobster roll place in Wiscasset opened and joined the already forming line despite not being hungry yet – and we were so glad we did. In Nashville we queued at least 45 minutes for Hattie B’s hot chicken, and in Texas we probably queued an hour at La Barbecue, alternately tense at the fact that certain things were selling out and chilled out by the live music and outdoor atmosphere.

So I thought I’d ask – where have you lined up and waited for amazing food? And are there regional specialties I haven’t found yet that I should get in line for?