Guest post: autumn adventures in DC and Shenandoah

I’m continuing to have flashbacks to our time in the States. This is in part thanks to technology – Facebook and Timehop have both reminded me that two years ago we visited the beautiful Shenandoah National Park in the Fall, with our friends from the UK. The National Park also keeps emailing me with photos of the fall foliage, hoping to entice me to another holiday there! Sadly, that’s not on the cards any time soon, so I thought I’d remember Shenandoah by re-reading the guest post one of our friends wrote for me after our holiday in Shenandoah, and Virginia’s Historical Triangle.

26 Months in DC

Welcome to my first ever guest-post on 18 months in DC! This was written for me by my good friend Kate (who also writes a great blog about books, over at about her ‘vacation’ with us last autumn.

“I’ve got friends in low places, where the whisky drowns and the beer chases my blues away” the growling refrain came up on my iTunes recently and I was immediately transported to the back of a car on Skyline Drive with four grown adults giggling uncontrollably and trying to sing along.

But that is, perhaps, getting ahead of myself.  Last autumn E and I were very excited to head to DC to visit R and A, two of our best friends, who have decamped from London to live in DC for a few years.

I was unexpectedly charmed by DC.  In its own, low-key way it is quite lovely. R&A…

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