Goodbye to the road – last day driving

We still had two nights of holiday, but as our hotel in Chicago didn’t have parking, we decided that the best plan would be to return our hire-car to Chicago airport early and rely on public transport in the city. So the morning we left Iowa City was bittersweet, as it was our last day on the road.

Based on a recommendation from a friend, we had decided to stop for a late breakfast in Dubuque – a pretty little town on the Mississipi. We found a nice little bakery with good pastries, which made a change from diners and bacon and eggs.

Once we’d re-crossed the Mississippi though, it was not long before we ended up snarled in traffic on the approach to Chicago airport. By the time we got to the car hire place we were just happy to be finished with driving, so we bid an abrupt and dry-eyed farewell to our faithful Rav 4, and exchanged the road for the Chicago metro system.

A final thought on country music (a big part of our road-trip experience!)

As we got closer to the bright lights of Chicago, we heard more of the variations on country music that had really started to interest us when we first heard them around that other big city, Denver.  Some of them make use of more R&B elements than we expected to find in this genre. Here are a few for you to hopefully see what I mean!

Some of these seem to have sparked some debate in the comments on YouTube about country and genre – hope this doesn’t get ugly!

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