The Tetons and Jackson Hole

I couldn’t quite believe there were more impressive landscapes to see after Yellowstone, but of course, as we left one park, we entered another – the Grand Tetons.


Leaving the colours of Yellowstone behind, it suddenly looked like Autumn. Unlike on the East Coast there wasn’t the same amount of red foliage, but the yellows stood out.

Jackson Hole itself was not our cup of tea. After the rugged, down to earth outdoorsiness of South Dakota and Yellowstone, we felt like we were in some kind of hipster Disneyland. Suddenly our out-of-doors gear didn’t feel smart enough, surrounded as we were by posh clothes stores and rich kids waiting to be seated at cool breakfast cafes. After our stays in places like Deadwood and Greybull we couldn’t believe how much it cost to get eggs in this town. On the bright side though, the coffee was pretty good.

We ate and left, not unhappy to be leaving so soon. Now began our trip south, back to the interstate and our journey back west.

Town square at Jackson Hole



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