Last thoughts on Wisconsin

So I forgot to mention the fight that happened in Madison. On the first night of our holiday, after watching the football and crawling a few bar carparks, we ended up at Churchkey for a few final beers and some vital cheese curds before dinner. (Thanks to R’s colleagues for some great local recommendations btw.) Just after R had headed to the men’s room one of the guys at the bar lunged at another, bar stools went flying and I had to jump out of the way. Not quick enough, a stool landed on my foot. Initially I thought it was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, but it soon became clear that the guy who had thrown the punch was the one spoiling for a fight – perhaps showing off for his daughter who was with him or just suffering from a chip on his shoulder. The student he was aiming at had one of those faces I guess, and even after being attacked couldn’t stop smiling. Anyway, the staff sorted it out, and we left, me bearing a bruised foot as a souvenir – probably not great at the beginning of a road trip.

I also forgot to mention the triumphant chant we learnt at the Badgers’ game. Whenever they get a first down, the crowd call out (sounding rather like an elementary school class) ‘first and ten Wisconsin!’. This has become our catch phrase for any win we experience during our trip.

Our final experience of Wisconsin was an excellent, cheap and really friendly breakfast at a family restaurant in LaCrosse. The food was great, and I got called ‘honey’. It was a great start to the road trip.

‘First and ten Wisconsin!’

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