Out West Road Trip: Madison Wisconsin

So we started our trip with two nights in Wisconsin’s capital city: Madison. Home of cheese heads, the Badgers, and Governor Scott Walker (who interestingly enough dropped out of the GOP race for presidential nominee the day we left).

We had a great time and didn’t want to leave. It’s a lovely town, and a lot of fun. We went to a Badgers’ game, where the home team thrashed Troy  28-3 and around 75,000 fans booed the referee and the opposing team for one bad call until the end of the game! There were cheerleaders, highschool bands, an amazingly choreographed half-time display by the UW marching band, and a roving band of trombones who would turn up in your aisle and play the team tune. It was a great experience. Outside there was tailgating and then bars threw open their carparks to make more space for revellers. We learned that some people don’t even make it to the football – they just go for the tailgating.

Other highlights of Madison were the University’s lakeside Union building, with its amazing ice cream and nice local beer, and a great bar/restaurant by the capitol building called the Old Fashioned. Here we sat at the bar, watched the game and ate a Wisconsin-style cheeseburger – they thickly butter the burger buns which makes the sandwich really delicious but very rich!

Then it was early to bed as we were driving to South Dakota on day 3.

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