Update: still no news – heading west

So I know many people want to know what’s going on with us – whether we’re going to be able to stay in the US or if we’re homeward bound on 15 October. Well, we’d like to know too! 

We’d like to know if we have to break our lease on our apartment, confirm our packers and buy airplane tickets. We’d like to know whether we should plan a goodbye or a celebration party, and start saying goodbye to our favourite places and restaurants. I’d like to know if I really have to use up everything in the freezer and store cupboard (I was going to title this post ‘we can’t leave now, I just bought a bulk packet of rice/pasta/dishwasher tablets’).

But our last-ditched effort to get a visa is still ongoing. Further information was requested on our latest application and once this has gone in, they have another 15 days to make a decision. So we won’t know whether we’re staying or going until the beginning of October…

Uncertainty really sucks.

So, we’re doing what people have always done in times of uncertainty – heading west!

The plan is to fly to Chicago, drive to Madison Wisconsin (where R spent a year of his childhood), head from there all the way to South Dakota to explore the Badlands and Black Hills, and from there make it to Yellowstone!!

After that we’re not sure, but we might visit Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, or Omaha on our way back to Chicago.

We have 14 days for this adventure. I learned to drive so R and I can share the driving. So here we go!

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